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What do we stand for?

How we treat people means everything to us. Whether it’s staff, customers, colleagues or the cleaner, we treat people like we would want to be treated. It’s a really simple stance.

We are accountable for our actions and do what we say we’re going to do. We’re a company of our word, from customers to colleagues, products to provisioning, we do the right thing!


What’s our purpose?

Our purpose is to do good and be great. We strive to do good by our customers and provide great outcomes. Providing excellent marketing solutions for our customers with Ad On Group and great staff for our customers businesses via Ad On Workforce, all with the purpose of having a massive positive effect on their businesses….making a real, tangible difference to their lives.

Message from the Owners

“ As Richard Branson said, 'Fun is a serious business tool,' and we certainly believe it. If you are having fun and enjoying what you do, the rest falls into place. If the culture is right and you're enjoying your job, then great things happen. Customers have amazing outcomes, innovations and efficiencies keep on coming, the business keeps growing, and you become a part of this amazing story!

We love people with amazing attitudes, who are keen to do more than their 'job' dictates, happy to continue learning, and above all, be the kings of great culture. If you are a special person, we've got a special future for you... so come on and join the family! ”

Pete and Paul

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